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TradeBid is Reverse Auction and E procurement tool to reduce purchase price, increase market efficiency, higher procurement process efficiency and access to larger supplier base. TradeBid is web and cloud based Reverse auction bidding system amazingly flexible though 128Bit SSL secured. Create your own tailor made environment by setting rules and conditions for your TradeBid. We provide verified and trusted vendor base and compatible to any system. Works on minimum requirement is build to win tool.

General Information. - +

For each auction, build your project by selecting bidding parameters, rules and specific features. All pre-selected suppliers are invited to participate by the platform and you may start the bidding. With the Bid Dashboard, get real-time ranking graphics and trend charts. Instant Messaging private or open. Each auction is live monitored with technical support by our Online bidding management team.

The platforms records all actions for each bid, allowing detailed statistics on bidding rules, prices by suppliers or by items, cost savings according to industry or category. The powerful mathematical algorithms of the platform gives you live or after-id analyse results, such as correlation of the lowest price by each supplier, or the optimized price versus current best price. Results and advices gives you all the elements to rate and select your final supplier.

Speed up procurement process in your company or organization with a full cloud contract management system. Share easily files between verified users (managers, buyers, suppliers), every version of documents are tracked by authors and with history of modifications. Users get informed by email as soon as new documents are uploaded or modified. A simple tool to evaluate technical offers uploaded on the cloud is available, which can be customized to your company practices

What if a procurement system was efficient and simply available to all buyers of your company or organization? The TradeBid and Procurement platform from Tradebiocoal does that, and does it well. No implementation time, fast training and bidding set up. Support and training material are available, as well as live customer support for each bidding (depending on pricing plan).

7 Reasons to chose TradeBid system. - +

We put our client needs FIRST. When we first build our platform, we considered our user viewpoint and user interface (and not what the tech guys wanted!?!). Tradebiocoal user interface is simple to use and follows the buyer workflow so it becomes second nature for user to use the system. It does not matter if you are a family business or a multinational company; we provide a SIMPLE TO USE platform to increase your procurement efficiency, lower your purchasing costs and increase your business profits. From our platform development to our service support, we are here to support you.

We want to make a powerful cloud bidding and procurement tool available to all types of biocoal consumer enterprise regardless of size or revenue. We offer flexible pricing plans that you control what options you want. There is also no need to buy hardware or software to use Tradebiocoal now. We are constantly improving our system so when we upgrade the system, its immediate to users and you will never be stuck with an “older” version or need to pay upgrade fees. Hence, you truly pay for what you use and getting maximum value.

We offer different service support options. We can help you source suppliers, create tenders, arrange bidding market, organize the implementation, arrange quality checks on products to shipment logistics or simply provide you the usage to the platform – you decide!

Our servers are housed in industry leading facilities with backup power and industry leading security. The data on our servers are regularly back up automatically and manually in the event of disaster recovery. We developed our own encryption and security checks for the user logins. In addition, we use VeriSign encryption technology as additional SSL security to our system firewalls security.

We are constantly innovating and adding new features to our platform to enhance our user experience. We are involved in research to better improve the platform and bidding strategies. Tradebiocoal currently supports only English language but we are working to upgrade it to local languages and is mobile ready to support Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad users making Tradebiocoal accessible anywhere. Tradebiocoal is innovative to include culture norms into the system to better reflect local needs like different denomination representation.

We have a diverse and multicultural team. Our customer supports speaks multi languages like English, Marathi, Hindi etc…We are gender blind and hire only great people whom we believed can provide excellent service to our clients.

Tradebid system benefits. - +

Effective cost reduction lever

Tradebiocoal cloud platform has proven to reduce cost and block price increase from suppliers. The platform creates a factual and real time environment that put market pressure on bidders. Bidders know what is the current market benchmark price and how far is their price from the Lowest price.

Reduce negotiation time spent with suppliers

Tradebiocoal cloud platform can open and close a market in minutes depending on the organizer settings. This results in substantial reduction in time spent on price negotiation. It frees up buyer time to spend on other more important issues. Price negotiations may be emotional and physical taxing. With Tradebiocoal cloud platform, such challenges are minimized in a objective and neutral setting. Not only does Tradebiocoal platform help reduce protracted negotiations but also emotional and physical issues associated with negotiations.

Provide greater transparency in procurement process

All logins and bids are recorded and leave a trail on the platform. The platform can generate reports to show who has enter the system and left at what time. Supplier bids are recorded by time and by name so there is a record of all bids entered during each market event. Such records and reports provide transparency in the procurement process from start till market ends. After the market ends, the platform can run business analytics on all bids submitted for greater transparency.

Create a competitive market environment

Once a market event is open, bidders are aware of the market opening price and time left before the market closes. The supplier has to ensure that his winning bid is entered before market closes. The system will not allow a bidder to submit a price that is higher or lower than the current market leading benchmark price- depending on organizer settings. The system will prompt the bidder regularly to remind bidder of time left on the market and if he is still in the race or not. Sometimes, the system will limit the number of bids each supplier can entered- depending on organizer setting. Even in the internet black out time we can provide the information using SMS and bidder can make bids by short code SMS. Our research has shown that once supplier knows he has a limited number of bids he can enter, he is more careful in using each of his bid chances. The supplier is under pressure to submit a winning bid that is allowed by the system and before market closed.

Flexible usage plans for immediate returns

To use Tradebiocoal effective and powerful platform to reduce business time and cost, there is no need for additional hardware or capital investment. Tradebiocoal provides the one time subscription /Licence for an year , training and all the technical requirements to clients to use the cloud platform. Besides, Tradebiocoal offers flexible price plans to suit all types of enterprise. You simply select what you need to use and pay for what you select. There are no hidden charges or cost upfront. You decide and pay for what you use; giving you immediate returns for using Tradebiocoal platform.

Standardize procurement process

Tradebiocoal cloud bidding and procurement platform cuts across locations and geography. Each client will have it’s own private secure marketplace and cloud space accessible anywhere anytime (so long there is web access) by client users only. Client business unit will use a process that other business units are aware of how to operate and support exchange of ideas or common procurement. This standardized and common procurement platform may leverage synergies across different business units with common procurement needs.

TradeBid system technical specification. - +

Supplier management.

  • Private Client SSL secure supplier database within system platform.
  • Import and download supplier data to Microsoft excel.
  • Documentation transfer interface amongst users.
  • Online communication interface.

Contract management.

  • Upload and download of documents between assigned users.
  • Online Storage and Access documents 24/7/365.
  • Audit and approval functions.
  • Link to bidding system and supplier database.

TradeBid management.

  • Dashboard interface for easy user control.
  • Assigned different users roles and perimeters.
  • Drop down menu and pick and select bidding settings.
  • 6 core market settings- English auctions, Reverse “Dutch” auctions, Benchmarking, Shortlist, Silent and Multiple Lots.
  • Combine different market settings into 1 market setting.
  • Support bidding on non-commoditise items e.g. services contracts.
  • Weightings and factors on item or supplier capability to make bidding more comparable between items or between bidders.

Statistics & Analytics.

  • Business analytics and statistics post market event.
  • Different analytic performance settings.
  • Statistics by supplier, by price, by time, by optimum pricing, by mix lot.
  • Graphical representation functions.
  • Management reports functions.
  • Export functions to Microsoft Office.

Security with TradeBid system. - +

Administrators control the account settings of all users and can override, configure permissions and access for the entire organization, a department and/or individual user accounts:

  • Configure system for password strength, reset failed logins, pause and terminate session duration.
  • Manage permissions and privileges for user access, preview, editing, download and upload.
  • Limit user access to documents and communication.

Tradebiocoal only allows single user sign on. If after 3 wrong login entries, system added security protocol will be activated that require additional user info before allow access . To ensure user login secuirty , Tradebiocoal has.

  • System self generated unique alpha numeric user ID and passwords.
  • “3 strikes” and added security protocol activated.
  • Multifactor authentication support through the above SSL providers and other third parties like VeriSign.

Tradebiocoal system has internal reporting capabilities and comprehensive audit trails for nearly every action or activity that occurs within Tradebiocoal. Each system access is logged by user and by date/time of access. Administrator user can track account access, document access and more. Hence, Tradebiocoal system can:

  • Log and Track user name, IP address, date/time for all actions.
  • Generate detailed reports and sort by group, date range, time or user.

Tradebiocoal uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology. In addition, Tradebiocoal also works to provide us industry leading data encryption support. The financial services uses VeriSign and we use the same data technology for our users. Tradebiocoal data transfers employs.

  • Encryption at transfer with 256-bit SSL and with added VeriSign data encryption technology.
  • Content Delivery Networks for transfer optimization and additional encryption cycle.
  • Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations and frequently rotated.

Tradebiocoal has multiple data centers to host its application and servers. This give users essential back up and redundant capacity. In an emergency, Tradebiocoal can switch servers to ensure connection or disaster recovery. Tradebiocoal server centers employ physical security, strict access policies and back up power for disaster recovery. In addition, all data is manually and automatically back up frequently. Tradebiocoal gives users.

  • N+1 redundancy for all components of essential systems.
  • Back up power and backup systems, during emergency or disasters.
  • Frequent manual and automatic back up of data.

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