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Mr. Sanjay Sakhiya

Mr. Sanjay Sakhiya is one of Partners and founder at Ronak Engineering.

Mr. Sanjay Sakhiya From Ronak Enginnering explains how ronak enginnering transformed into best serving briquette machine manufacturers and common mistake and assumptions by manufacturer that led to failure.

(Sanjay Sakhiya is Promoter and co-founder in Rajkot based leading briquette machine manufacturers.)

How Ronak Engineering started?

In 2005 I started Ronak engineering for providing service and repairs for Biomass Briquetting machines.We first repaired a Rjakot based machine while doing so I developed interest in technologies. Soon we found out that there is lack of quality spare suppliers so we have started supplying spare part. In mean time I met Mr. Vinod Patel by the time we understand market needs quality machines so we have started development. In 2006 we have manufactured and sold our first machines in 2006 in Kutch & Bhuj area.


Your service background is this the same reason why Ronak Engineering became so popular with its customer?

May be yes. Since our beginning we made service as our only motto. After sales service is the only thing that can give customer confidence in machine manufacturers that’s why when any customer approach us with service issue we do anything that’s in our power to resolve it. We made quality as our sole criteria I think this sole strategy paid off.


How many plants are successfully running out your total installed machines?

Almost every plant is successful if I take rough guess 90% plants are running well I mean successful and only 10% are either shut down or not performing even to them we eagerly provide every help in our power.


What do you think the reasons behind these 10% plant failure?

The biggest reason is being even a simple mechanical process it need good experience to run plant round the clock so we recommend our buyers to hire an experienced operator for period of at least an year as they make big investment in machines but are hesitant to pay an experienced operator somewhere between 15- 20k. Also there is issue with economic discipline they won`t make sufficient provisions as these plants also need good financial backing. Also unsupervised work by the owner is also prominent reason for failure.


What is biggest challenge for briquette machines manufacturer?

As there is rarely a repeating customer so to find new customer is our biggest challenge every day.


What is your opinion about tradebiocoal.com

What tradebiocoal.com is doing to educate ,providing information and knowledge to manufacturers that was inaccessible to manufacturers will be game changer for their existing business.


How is oversees opportunity for briquette

Briquette export is banned by Government of India. We are exporting machines to oversees market since long till date we have provided machines to Europe & Africa.


why automation of this plant is not successful.

This is not true in past people from industry links moisture reduction the one of toughest task to atomisation. In past this industry largely depends upon bagasse that usually have high moisture content so reduction involves installation of dryers of high capital investment and operating cost so it termed as failure.But since last few years introduction of variety of raw material moisture reduction process is almost absolute as complete dry material is readily available to most plants. So our strong research and development team have produced few solution that nearly meets need of atomisation. First we have developed material handling equipment Husk Pump that with a single person feed conveyor from distance of 100ft and second there is Hopper with that there is no need for keeping labour for continuously feeding of conveyor. Man less loading is achieved using our briquette loader doesn’t need single labour to load a dispatch vehicle.

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